Art Magik 2018

A series started during my stay in Ireland, ispired by the misterious obscurity of this country.

Common thread of these images is the night, represented by the starry sky. Also the moon appears in its different forms.

For astrology the moon is the feminine energy (receptive) complementary to the masculine one (active). This element often recurs in my works and in this series I decided to celebrate it.

Techniques: ink on paper, ink on wood, acrylic on paper.


I realized it in a very dark moment: I was struggling with depression and I spent some months dealing with very bad thoughts. Drawing down my emotional state was a crucial factor in my recover and I think all my artworks could be a metaphor of a travel inside and then out of depression.

The first painting I made (Have a Look, but I wanted to call it also “Une échelle vers le ciel) represents this calling of our interiority to look inside us and discover what is hidden there.

“Tears” was realized in the worst moment of my depression and represents the pain of the human condition.

“Full moon” shows a wolf who emerges from the wood and represent exactly those “obscure sides” of the human being who are hidden inside us.

The wolf appears again in “Follow me” keeping a girl head, maybe because he killed her, or maybe he was protecting her.

In “A Forest” there is a reconciliation with the wolf and his human side.

Finally the importance of our roots is expressed in “Into the Ground”.

“Harpy” was realized at the end of this path. This mythical creature is an harmonic mixing of animal and human, and represent the being who accepted his dark side and was reconciled with nature.

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